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Train Your CNA & HHA Caregivers For 1 Low Price

Author: Kristina Neu
This program has been approved for Continuing Education for 1.25 total participant hours by NAB/NCERS—Approval #20241025-1.25-A98235-DL
1.25 Hours (1 hour for Florida)
Course Summary
During the course of a health care professional’s career, a medical error may be made or be discovered. There are some mistakes, called “medical errors”, that can be serious and may cause irreversible harm to a patient and irreparable damage to a health care professional's career. Events that lead to a medical error are many, but the end result always involves the patient suffering harm that could have been prevented. Preventable events are defined as those that should not have happened, and, more specifically, should indicate to the health care professional that gaps in practice exist related to the appropriate levels of attention, communication, knowledge, and planning.
After completing this inservice, the learner will be able to:
  • Explain medical errors and their causes
  • List ways to prevent medical errors and improve caregiver judgment
  • Describe the correct response when a medical error occurs
Course Syllabus
  • Introduction
  • Identifying a Medical Error
  • Preventable Event and Adverse Effect
  • Common Medical Errors
  • Causes of Medical Errors
  • Preventing Medical Errors
  • When a Medical Error Happens
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